The Rocky Mountain Romance Series

Set in this idyllic Colorado landscape with a cast of characters who feel like instant friends, the author captures the essence of a life that will make you daydream. Virginia Fox dazzles with a writing style that brought her hundreds of 5-star reviews and bestselling status in the European market. Now it’s your turn to revel in it. So pour yourself a cuppa and settle for a real treat.


Rocky Mountain Yoga
(Rocky Mountain Romances Book 1)

A little romance, a dab of suspense, and a whole lot of fun await you in the first book of the genre-skipping Rocky Mountain Romances series.

What’s a big-city girl to do when she finds out her boyfriend is dealing shady business out of the apartment they share in Seattle? She grabs her big standard poodle named Rambo and runs to granny in small-town Colorado, that’s what!

The dog fits in just fine, but Jasmine’s ways of vegetarian eating and yoga are a bit different for this little mountain place. Meanwhile, the hunky sheriff—single, with a reputation as a player—won’t stop poking his nose into Jasmine’s past. Plus, he’s a bit too fond of the way she looks in yoga pants. Her boyfriend isn’t ready to let go, or forget that she knows about his illegal activities. Grandma, the colorful townsfolk, and the pets who populate the town are in for some thrills, chills and romantic double plays until Jasmine sorts her life out. Grab the popcorn!

This is the first book in the romantic, Rocky Mountain Romances series. Set in an idyllic Colorado landscape with a cast of characters who feel like instant friends, the author captures the essence of a life that with stories that mix romance, suspense, some mystery, a whole lotta fun, and lots of pets.

Virginia Fox dazzles with a writing style that brought her thousands of 5-star reviews and bestselling status in the European market. Now it’s your turn to revel in it. So pour yourself a cuppa and settle for a real treat.

Will you fall in love with this Rocky Mountain town like Jasmine and Rambo?

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Rocky Mountain Star
(Rocky Mountain Romances Book 

Did someone say dance like no one is watching? Guess that’s the only way Tyler CAN dance now. Slip into the pages of the fun and feisty second book in the Rocky Mountain Romances series.

Tyler Carter has everything she dreams of—she’s the starring ballerina in a Cirque-du-Soleil type show, a splashy Las Vegas lifestyle, and there’s nothing tying her down. Until she injures her knee, that is.

Tyler flees to her family in the little mountain town of Independence Junction, Colorado, and pretends she’ll get better, until forced to realize the truth. And forced to confront her past when she smacks right into Patrick West, the architect restoring the historic Wilkinson house. Their attraction quickly rekindles because of a one-night tryst they had the summer before—one neither of them wants to admit to!

But something else gets rekindled. A stalker sets their sights on Tyler and leaves shocking clues indicating they know exactly who Tyler is, and that they want her dead. Will Patrick, Tyler’s brother, and a retired police dog be able to keep Tyler safe?

The fascinating and quirky citizens of Independence Junction come back in Book 2 of The Rocky Mountain Romances series to show how small-town relationships can bring out the best and worst in people. Heart-warming with a splash of Vegas glamour, Book 2 successfully combines a new-and-old mix of family and townsfolk in a pressure-cooker plot that never lets up on chuckles, suspense, and romance.

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Rocky Mountain Dogs
(Rocky Mountain Romances Book 3

Is that a vintage RV–– painted top to bottom with paw print-shaped polka-dots –– driving into town? You can bet your pupper’s next bubble bath it is! Get ready to plunge into the pages of the third book in the always pet-friendly Rocky Mountain Romances series.

When Kathrina gets chased out of her Seattle apartment because of its no pets policy, she packs up her business, Kat’s for Dogs Mobile Grooming, and heads to the mountain town of Independence Junction, Colorado.

In Independence Junction, pets are welcome, the local diner is the hub of social life, and Sam, that good-looking guy Kat met last summer, just happens to still be around. But oh no! Sam turns out to be a professional hockey player with an ego the size of the biggest mountain in the state. Not only is Kat a little man-shy, but she has no interest in wasting her time trying to tame that wild one.

However, when injured dogs start turning up in the woods, Kat must find a way to help. Before she knows it, Kat is tangled up in the small town’s dark side. Will she rescue the animals? Will she accept Sam’s help? Will the townsfolk finally have enough with whoever, or whatever, is hurting their dogs?

Welcome back to Independence Junction in Book 3 of The Rocky Mountain Romances series. Your quirky friends are waiting for you to join them for another small town suspense story, complete with a nice blend of laughter, mystery, and heart-warming romance along the way!

Praise for Rocky Mountain Romances Book 1:
“An enjoyable, mixed-genre romp with an intriguing main couple and colorful townsfolk.” – Kirkus Reviews

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Rocky Mountain Kid
(Rocky Mountain Romances Book 4

Can even the coldest heart be thawed? You bet! And your friends in Independence Junction prove it’s possible when a new kid comes to town. Get ready for some horsing around in the fourth book of the Rocky Mountain Romances series.

What happens when nosy reporter Paige catches wind of a kiddo named Leslie getting adopted by local Rancher Paula—who everyone knows has a heart dripping with icicles? Paige moves in for the feel-good story of the year, grabs the exclusive interview, then sets off a chain of events that threaten to upend the peace and quiet in Independence Junction.

It turns out, Leslie has to go in and testify against her past foster parents. The question is, will this lead to a better life for this kid’s uncertain future? And what happens when she brings a furry friend with her?

Meanwhile, love is in the air. Rancher Paula and the local veterinarian, Nate, begin to hit it off. The next thing we know, Paige and the fire chief also start making sparks. On top of that? A cast of four-legged friends help their humans in unexpected ways—saving the day time and again—proving that even the coldest hearts can be thawed in a Rocky Mountain Romance.

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Rocky Mountain Secret
(Rocky Mountain Romances Book 5

There’s a serial killer on the loose in Independence Junction – or is there? It might just take a furry little rat to sniff out the truth. Missed opportunities and nefarious dealings abound in the fifth book of the Rocky Mountain Romances series.

Meet FBI agent Avery Wilkerson. She leads a hectic life, but fortunately has an adorable pet rat as a partner – the aptly-named Miss Marple – who has an uncanny nose that comes in handy. Will the rodent’s sniffer help solve the case when a serial killer seemingly terrorizes the residents of sleepy Independence Junction?

Avery gets assigned the case with hunky agent Cole Carter. Maybe the assignment will give them the chance to admit their true feelings? Or will the fact that Cole is Avery’s brother’s best friend get in the way? Or maybe it’s the murder and mayhem that sidetracks their love affair?

Things get complicated as the suspicious Monsanto family become suspects. Will Avery and Cole finally be able to put them away? What about Nate and Paula’s wedding? Will it go off without a hitch or is it doomed to become a twisted casualty, too? It all might hinge on a rat named Miss Marple.

With a cast of unforgettable Rocky Mountain Romances regulars returning, and many new faces to get to know, Rocky Mountain Secrets is a fast-paced, charmer in Virginia Fox’s well-loved and endearing series.

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Rocky Mountain Fire
(Rocky Mountain Romances Book 6

Paige is a journalist who moves to Independence Junction, a small mountain town in the Rocky Mountains known for its quirky townsfolk and friendly diner. After an unhappy start, Paige manages to win the trust of the townspeople and make new friends through the local school and animal shelter. Her unexpected status as a dog owner keeps her hopping so it’s easy to ignore the very attractive and, in Paige’s opinion, arrogant fire chief, Ace.

Struggling with his own demons, Ace fully supports Paige’s plan to stay out of his way.
Most the time, that is.
Okay, at least sometimes.
But that plan ends when a forest fire happens under unusual circumstances, arousing Paige’s journalistic curiosity. The fire forces her path to cross Ace’s more and more. Soon, sparks fly in more places than the woods.

Rocky Mountain Fire is the sixth book in the delightful Rocky Mountain Romances series by bestselling author Virginia Fox.

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Rocky Mountain Life
(Rocky Mountain Romances Book 7

Lara is a biologist who, after the death of her father, unexpectedly inherits half a ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Curious, she sets off for Colorado. She finds not only a breathtaking landscape but also a brooding cowboy who captivates her. Can she trust him?

Hank, owner of the Lone Wolf Ranch, struggled for years to maintain his lifelong dream of farming. Knee-deep in work, he has no time for surprise visitors. But Lara not only charms his favorite horse, a stallion, she also sneaks into Hank’s heart. Who is the beautiful stranger, really?

Not everyone is happy about this new friendship. When Lara intends to stay, gossip and speculation escalate among the locals. In at least one place, this may be dangerous.

Will Lara and Hank look past their differences to see peril lurking before it’s too late?

Rocky Mountain Life is the seventh book in the surprising Rocky Mountain Romances series by bestselling author Virginia Fox.

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Rocky Mountain Race
(Rocky Mountain Romances Book 8

Meet Becca Mirren. Cowgirl. Redhead with a temperament to match. World champion barrel racer. Looking for a new purpose in life.

And then there’s Adrian Lopez. Specialist in tracking dogs. Father. Eyes as blue as a glacial lake. And the man who broke Becca’s heart six years ago.

“No way she’d give this idiot a second chance. Or would she?”

As she tries to decide, danger looms from an unexpected direction. Is it already too late for a happy ending?

Rocky Mountain Race is the eighth volume of the adventurous and warm Rocky Mountain series by the popular author Virginia Fox.

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10 Things You Need to Know About Riding

A book for all horse lovers


 10 Things You Need to Know About Riding

A humorous summary of the ten most important basic principles for every horseback rider, totally independent of any riding style or philosophy. Based on experience with our friends, the horses, and illustrated by the well-known illustrator Jean Abernethy (Fergus The Horse).
The book’s authors met over twenty years ago at a horse seminar. Their initial meeting blossomed into a wonderful friendship that has stood the test of time and distance. The two friends regularly meet at various further clinics that touch on all things horse-related. During one particular dressage course, it became apparent that they were having to endure hearing the same things they preach to their students on a daily basis, despite both having extensive experience working as trainers. Through plenty of laughter and a healthy dose of self-mockery, the idea for this book was born.
Virginia Fox is a qualified horse trainer and riding teacher with many years of practical experience, and a successful novelist. Naturally, horses and all kind of other animals play central roles in her other books.
Inga Klaer holds a degree in agricultural engineering, is a qualified horse and dog trainer, riding teacher, and a horse and dog osteopath with her own practice. Inga spends her days tending to horses and dogs and couldn’t imagine having a better job.
Jean Abernethy is an illustrator from Canada. After completing studies at art school and in equine science, she began specializing in horse illustrations. Jean’s “Fergus the Horse” comics have been popular on Facebook for many years now, having accumulated hundreds of thousands of fans.

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