Virginia Fox

Author, Entrepreneur, Mother

Virginia Fox is a bestselling Swiss author of romance novels wildly successful in the European market.  

Creative from a young age, she’s turned her love of books into a prolific career as a writer. Her German-language Rocky Mountain Romances Series saw every volume enter the Top 50 of the Kindle charts on day one of launch. Now the bestselling romance series breaks onto the US scene. 

Author, mother, horse trainer, and part-time healthy food cook, Virginia Fox is also a woman who cares deeply. Family, animals, the environment, and friendships are the values she holds dear. 

Virginia lives in Switzerland with her family, an Australian Cattle Dog, and a moody tomcat. When she isn’t writing, she delights in caring for her horses on her small farm.  



Reader, Fan, Friend

“Virginia’s stories touch my heart
and make me sigh and cuddle deeper into the pillows
snuggle up while reading…”
(A reader)


“You start reading
and you forget about time and space.”
(A reader)


“Wow, just wow.
on every trip to Independence
I am left completely happy and satisfied.
Virginia Fox always manages to captivate and enthrall me.”
(A reader)

NOW IN PREORDER! Rocky Mountain Cozies Yoga (Book 1) 

What’s a girl to do when she finds out her boyfriend is dealing shady business out of the apartment they share in Seattle? She grabs her big standard poodle named Rambo and runs to granny in small-town Colorado, that’s what!  

 The dog fits in just fine, but Jasmine’s ways of vegetarian eating and yoga are a bit different for this little mountain place. Meanwhile, the hunky sheriff—single, with a reputation as a player—won’t stop poking his nose into Jasmine’s past. Plus, he’s a bit too fond of the way she looks in yoga pants. Her boyfriend isn’t ready to let go, or forget that she knows about his illegal activities. Grandma, the colorful townsfolk, and the pets who populate the town are in for some thrills, chills and romantic double plays until Jasmine sorts her life out. Grab the popcorn!  

This is the first book in the romantic, Rocky Mountain Cozies mystery series. Set in this idyllic Colorado landscape with a cast of characters who feel like instant friends, the author captures the essence of a life that will make you daydream. Virginia Fox dazzles with a writing style that brought her hundreds of 5-star reviews and bestselling status in the European market. Now it’s your turn to revel in it. So pour yourself a cuppa and settle for a real treat.