Virginia Fox

Author, Entrepreneur, Mother

Virginia Fox is a bestselling Swiss author of romance novels wildly successful in the European market.  

Creative from a young age, she’s turned her love of books into a prolific career as a writer. Her German-language Rocky Mountain Romances Series saw every volume enter the Top 50 of the Kindle charts on day one of launch. Now the bestselling romance series breaks onto the US scene. 

Author, mother, horse trainer, and part-time healthy food cook, Virginia Fox is also a woman who cares deeply. Family, animals, the environment, and friendships are the values she holds dear. 

Virginia lives in Switzerland with her family, an Australian Cattle Dog, and a moody tomcat. When she isn’t writing, she delights in caring for her horses on her small farm.  



Reader, Fan, Friend

“Virginia’s stories touch my heart
and make me sigh and cuddle deeper into the pillows
snuggle up while reading…”
(A reader)


“You start reading
and you forget about time and space.”
(A reader)


“Wow, just wow.
on every trip to Independence
I am left completely happy and satisfied.
Virginia Fox always manages to captivate and enthrall me.”
(A reader)

Rocky Mountain Life (Rocky Mountain Romances Book 7) 

Lara is a biologist who, after the death of her father, unexpectedly inherits half a ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Curious, she sets off for Colorado. She finds not only a breathtaking landscape but also a brooding cowboy who captivates her. Can she trust him? Hank, owner of the Lone Wolf Ranch, struggled for years to maintain his lifelong dream of farming. Knee-deep in work, he has no time for surprise visitors. But Lara not only charms his favorite horse, a stallion, she also sneaks into Hank’s heart. Who is the beautiful stranger, really? Not everyone is happy about this new friendship. When Lara intends to stay, gossip and speculation escalate among the locals. In at least one place, this may be dangerous. Will Lara and Hank look past their differences to see peril lurking before it’s too late? Rocky Mountain Life is the seventh book in the surprising Rocky Mountain Romances series by bestselling author Virginia Fox.

Rocky Mountain Race (Rocky Mountain Romances Book 8) 

Meet Becca Mirren. Cowgirl. Redhead with a temperament to match. World champion barrel racer. Looking for a new purpose in life.

And then there’s Adrian Lopez. Specialist in tracking dogs. Father. Eyes as blue as a glacial lake. And the man who broke Becca’s heart six years ago.

“No way she’d give this idiot a second chance. Or would she?”

As she tries to decide, danger looms from an unexpected direction. Is it already too late for a happy ending?

Rocky Mountain Race is the eighth volume of the adventurous and warm Rocky Mountain series by the popular author Virginia Fox.